Screwdriver - Kiss Mix


The classic Screwdriver is here to stay

Strong cocktails may not be the first thing you reach for early in the morning, but if you’re looking for a drink that could see you well through brunch and after-hours, our tasty Screwdriver cocktail may be just the thing.


It’s not a popularity contest – is it?

The Screwdriver is one of the most popular cocktail flavours in our range – and for good reason too! Amazingly fresh tasting either as it comes or poured into a glass over ice, our little recipe even picked up a double gold award at the WSWA Tasting Competition in 2014.


We’re picky about our ingredients

We only use the best ingredients in our cocktails, and our Screwdriver flavour includes authentic Florida orange juice for that just-squeezed taste. Combined with a double shot of vodka and a little twist of passion fruit juice, we’ve got a recipe for satisfaction every time.


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