Great love affairs start with great cocktails.

When Jerry Thomas wrote his now infamous book, the ‘Bar-Tenders Guide’, it’s likely he had little to no idea how he would influence the culture of generations to come. From their humble beginnings in a dusty US bar, cocktails steadily climbed up the ranks of popularity, infiltrating their way into every area of our lives; TV & film, fashion, entertaining… their reach in modern days’ society is almost immeasurable.

Even the bars themselves benefitted from these new and exciting concoctions becoming a place to be entertained rather than just meet and chat over a drink. Bartenders turned into flair-bartenders, creating cocktails from beautiful ingredients in the most theatrical way possible. Bottles flying, fruit being chopped – it’s no wonder so many people became absolutely enamoured with cocktails when just watching them being poured was an art form in itself.

Why limit happy to just one hour.

In our fast paced, modern world, convenience is key. People are eating on the go, working on the go – why not drink alcohol on the go too? By the 1990’s the trend for fancy cocktails had been replaced by sugary alcopops; ‘ready-to-drink’ alcoholic mixes that were great for taking home as an alternative to wine. Established spirits brands started creating their own RTD’s to jump onto this trend and pubs and bars started to stock these new flavours next to the traditional drinks.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing however. The new RTD’s were so overloaded in sugary and artificial ingredients that they soon lost their loyal fans whose taste had become a little more sophisticated over a couple of years. The bad press associated with youth binge drinking soon utterly diminished the trend for the alcopop and people were left with once again few alternatives to wine, beer and cider.

A perfect cocktail is all about the quality of your ingredients.

Thanks to the Kiss Mix founders’ access to market insights through their trade and distribution business, they were able to pick up on a very interesting trend. With the rise of the luxury goods and services market, combined with a decline in lower quality RTD’s, the founders realised there was a gap in the market for premium, authentic cocktails that were pre-mixed and ready to go.

Taking inspiration from their company’s African roots, they started working with delicious natural fruits to come up with some authentic tasting cocktails. Roping in leading European flavour houses and UK mixologists, soon the Kiss Mix brand was created with three initial flavours. Aluminium, slim-line black cans were chosen for packaging as well as a vibrant and refreshing design to best portray both the luxury product and the convenience factor.

He who dares, wins.

This tenacious entrepreneurial endeavour was highly rewarded. Customers couldn’t get enough of this new double shot cocktail and loved Kiss Mix for its premium spirits and natural ingredients. It soon became clear that the brand could no longer be confined to Africa alone and soon an international launch was planned, along with an extension of the flavours in our range.

Our head office was opened in the UK in 2012 and we now sell Kiss Mix in every continent of the world. We’re always thrilled to see the difference in preferences throughout the various countries, which helps us to decide which tasty cocktail flavour we should turn our hand to next. Our ideas lab is always working to find companions for our existing line-up of six flavours: Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Screwdriver, Lemon Drop, Insomnia and Mojito.