Mojito - Kiss Mix


Nothing says ‘me-time’ like a Mojito

Shut your eyes, rest your weary legs and take a sip of our incredible Mojito cocktail – the easiest way to transport yourself somewhere warm and exotic, and completely forget that you’re just at home recuperating after a long days’ work.


A 5* holiday to go, please

With relaxing vibes and cool minty flavours our Mojito is best served chilled either from the can or in a glass. Slim and convenient, our cans are easy to slip into our bags with a drinking straw for impromptu relaxation time. . . but keep it quiet, or they’ll all be doing it.


Good things come to those who wait

A long time coming, we spent over 18 months perfecting the recipe for our Mojito, carefully balancing the mint, rum and lime juice until we were 100% satisfied. We’re glad we did as we’re convinced we now have another award winner in our flavour range – just watch this space!


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