Lemon Drop - Kiss Mix


Keeping it simple with the Lemon Drop

Don’t tell them we said so, but sometimes mixologists can get a little carried away with their complex recipes. We however, think a bit of simplicity goes a long way, so we designed our Lemon Drop cocktail to be so stripped back and simple you have no choice but to focus on the quality of our ingredients.


Refreshing, relaxing and ridiculously good

With citrusy bursts of lemon and lime, the Lemon Drop is the perfect cocktail for relaxing wherever you are. Dress it up in a fancy glass or drink it straight from the can, there’s no denying the appeal or versatility of this tasty little drink.


We had a little help from our ingredients

Because quality is so important to us, we only use natural fruit juices in our cocktails. Lemon and lime juice has been added to a double shot of premium vodka ensuring you get the best tasting ‘convenient’ cocktail you’ve ever tried.


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